The Booming World of Online Fantasy Games

What Even are Fantasy Games?

Fantasy games are online prediction games where you put together a group of players, almost imitating real-life sports, and play together as a team. You primarily earn based on how the teams perform in real life, and the scores are converted into fantasy points.

Think of them as a simulation of real-life sports, if your chosen players perform well in real life, then you perform well in the fantasy sports game accordingly.

Fantasy games give you the opportunity to quite literally create your own ‘fantasy world’. In this world of escapism, there are many ways to earn money while having fun.

The games are played against other teams and their managers. Everybody manages a roster by adding, dropping, trading, and selling players to keep winning. Additionally, they boost the competitive nature of players by allowing them to compete with their friends. The element of a possible monetary reward makes the whole process all the more exciting. 

According to the statistics, there are very few people who win big money while playing fantasy games but at least 50% of the players participating will win some kind of prize, even if it is really small.

Revisiting the Good Old Days of the Fantasy World

Fantasy sports have existed as early as the 1960s. In the 1980s, a group of journalists developed the Rotisserie system for fantasy baseball and fantasy sports have been popular in the media ever since. Today, 37% of fantasy teams constitute football teams. It is one of the most loved sports in the world, followed by hockey, cricket, and others.

The Growing Popularity of Online Fantasy Games

Today, the fantasy sports market all over the world is thriving and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14% between the years 2020-2026. One of the reasons why fantasy sports games have gained a lot of popularity over the recent few years is because they test how much the players actually know about what they claim to be so passionate about.

People all over the world spend a significant amount of time researching games and analyzing them. Fantasy games finally give them the chance to put their knowledge to test. 

How the Media Created Hype Around Fantasy Games

Fantasy sports got a lot of attention in the 80s when the rotisserie system was covered by a group of journalists. The growth of internet use and social media platforms further facilitated the expansion of fantasy sports as people could start placing bets online. Social media has made fantasy sports a global, connected community. To nobody’s surprise—65% of fantasy sports participants watch more televised sports because they are participating in fantasy leagues and 61% read more about those sports (online, on social media, blogs, on ESPN, etc.)

How do I get Started with Fantasy Sports?

As with starting any new activity, make sure to research first. Search for the best online fantasy games before you start placing bets. 

Uwin Online Fantasy Sports Games. Make Money by Playing Online GAMES TOP INDIAN ONLINE GAMES
Representational image of Online Sports Fantasy Games – [Image Source: Uwin]

There has been a debate amongst people as to whether fantasy games are skill-based or chance-based. It’s challenging to answer this question as everyone has their own opinion about it. Many people argue that fantasy games are purely skill-based as picking the right player requires good analysis, studying, and judgment. Other than assessing the worth of each and every individual player, he has to meticulously study the rules and regulations of the game.

How do I get Good at Fantasy Sports?

To perform like a truly skilled player, you have to keep tabs on the performances and statistical analysis of different teams. The popular phrase “the devil is in the details”, is quite applicable here. With participation in fantasy games, comes the responsibility to be actively invested in all matches, even the ones you assumed to be unimportant in the past.

Regular Fantasy Games vs Daily Fantasy Games

There are different types of fantasy game options available to players to choose from. Daily fantasy games are a relatively new phenomenon, with free and paid options available. They are quick to play and finish, for example, if you start competing in the morning, you find out on the same night if you’ve won the game or lost it.

While daily fantasy games are played with a number of strangers online on an everyday basis, regular fantasy games are played by a group of friends and they are played year after year in a league or sports championship.

An important point to keep in mind is that daily games offer the winner the probability to earn millions quickly and in a single day since there are usually thousands of players competing together, with small deposits. They add up to create a large sum of money. Regular fantasy games require you to wait for an entire season to finish to find out results.

Millions of people across the globe daydream about playing in their favorite sports teams, while this dream rarely comes true, fantasy sports give them a chance to compete in a similar way. We urge you to explore the world of fantasy gaming right away!

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