Is Online Betting Legal in India? Latest Updates

Betting laws in India are ambiguous, to say the least. That is why it is important to know the rules and regulations before you start betting. Many players, especially new ones, have questions about the legalities of online betting in India. MoneyBite did the research so you can sit back and relax and play online games in peace.

Surprise! Online Betting is Actually Legal in India

The government of India has left it up to individual states to decide what they want to do about online betting in their respective states. Only some states have put up any restrictions on betting at all, indicating that it is legal in all other states.

We spoke to a few lawyers online who also seem to have their own interpretations of this issue because the laws themselves are unclear. The Public Gaming Act of 1867 makes no reference to online betting. Although federal and state laws sometimes contradict each other, our readers can be assured that the government is not going around and prosecuting people who are engaged in online betting in India. That being said, it is still a grey area and could remain so even in the future.

Skill VS Luck Based Games

As the name suggests, skill-based games are won on the basis of the skill level of the player. The more you learn and practice, the more chances you have of winning skill-based games. So in that sense, online sports betting, for example, counts as a game of skill because the more knowledge you have about a specific sport the greater success you’ll have. 

In a game of luck, the player has no control over the outcome and he doesn’t know whether he will win or lose. A good example is playing a game of roulette.

Some states in India are lenient when it comes to betting whereas others are quite strict.

In Maharashtra, games that are based on luck are forbidden whereas games based on skill and strategy are legal. Sikkim’s government is consistently trying to regulate and legalize online betting. Betting operators have been sending their applications to the state which it is gladly accepting.

We really do hope that the government will issue clear laws about betting in the future and encourage online betting all over India. No matter what happens, MoneyBite is here to update you on any new rules or laws that come out in the future.

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