How to Earn Money as a Gamer

Today, it is quite common to find sophisticated video games with graphics that mimic the real world. Video gaming has been around for a few years but now it’s leaving things like television and films behind in terms of revenue generation. That being said, there are billions of people that enjoy playing video games as a hobby. Many players also joke about being paid to play video games all day. This is very possible, thanks to social media and advancements in technology.

This era of technology can allow you to build an entire gaming empire from the comfort of your phone. At MoneyBite, we want to tell you about how you can start making a quick buck through something you’re probably very passionate about.

Twitch Livestream

Live Streaming is enjoyed by millions of people over the world because it adds a personal touch to gaming. Twitch is quite an important platform in the sense that it was the first place to allow and offer live streaming for games. You can either stream other creator’s games or make your own content.

Like Youtube, you can grow your channel through subscriptions and if you get big enough, you can take up sponsorships to make good money.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss out on the power of Twitch!   

Youtube Channel

You’ve probably heard of this one many times. Starting a Youtube channel is one of the most lucrative ways to make money as a gamer. There are infinite ways to go about creating content on Youtube. Find something that you genuinely enjoy, so you can stay invested in the long term. 

You can either play different games or you can focus on one game only. Focus on increasing your following and views and look at the monetization criteria on Youtube.

Here are some ideas for videos to help you

Walkthroughs – Play games and record them and then publish them as walkthroughs. It will provide insights to other gamers and they may come to your videos for a little help if they happen to get stuck in a particular game.

Highlights – With certain games, you can record your favorite moments and publish them as a highlights video

Reviews and commentaries – Besides reviewing your favorite games on factors such as graphics, playability, etc you can express your opinions about what you like and dislike about the game, as well as how it can be improved. You can also comment on games that are played between two teams.

Design and Develop Your Own Game

If you have enough savings or someone who will invest in your brilliant ideas, developing your own game is an excellent way to make money. You could also start developing a game with a group of friends who have the right skillset. With the video gaming industry flourishing so well, there hasn’t been a better time to act on your ideas.

Video Gaming Testing

Video game testing is a challenging job that requires you to test games before they are launched. You’ll be required to look for bugs in the gameplay and any glitches that might negatively influence a player’s gaming experience. A keen eye for detail and note-taking skills are important for this role.

Become A Writer for Professional Sports Games

If you love gaming and writing, you can write about and cover famous sports tournaments and other events online.

Join or Build a Professional eSports Team

You could join and play in an eSports team on a professional level and learn the rules and strategies used by players to win. After that, you could also create your own eSports team in order to earn money.

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