How to Beat Online Casino Slot Machines?

Slot games are one of the most loved games in casinos all over the world. This is not surprising as they have the largest prizes and payouts. New betters can place their bets quite effortlessly in slot games while taking advantage of free spins.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed while playing slot games online with so many different options to choose from. Although online casinos typically have lower house edges as compared to real-life casinos, we’ve found ways that’ll help you beat the game.

Which games will help you earn the most money? Are there certain rules to follow that will maximize your chances of winning? Don’t worry, MoneyBite has got your back and in this article, we’ll break down the basics of excelling at slot games.

Create a solid staking plan

Good and responsible fund handling is critical when it comes to winning. Winning the slot game can sometimes feel like a long road with ups and downs along the way. It is important to place bets in such a way that they are proportional to your total budget.

Select the maximum number of paylines

If you have your eyes set on the big shiny golden trophy aka the jackpot, you have to make sure that you cover the maximum number of pay lines. Going back to the first point, make sure you have enough money to afford the topmost stakes.

Learn the Rules Thoroughly

Winning any game requires you to carefully study its rules and slot games are no different. 

Reading the paytable carefully can give out most of the clues as to how to win. You can figure out how big the rewards are and you can determine if the game is volatile or not by looking at the bonus features. 

Remember the Importance of RNGs

Slot games are completely random and are governed by Random Number Generators. They are designed in such a way that every spin is independent and does not depend on the past spin. Slot memory does not exist. 

Understand RTPs and Volatility

Every slot has its own RTP. If the Return to Player percentage is high, the returns will be high as well. Different games will also have different volatility levels, if you want to win the big prize then you have to deal with high volatility. Low volatility slots might give frequent prizes but they are small in value. 

Hunt for the Best Bonuses on Online Casinos

While slot games are not all about money, bonuses can go a long way in helping you win when you think about accumulated bonuses over the course of the whole game. Be sure to make use of welcome bonuses and free spins that websites have to offer. 

Make Use of Free Online Games

Plenty of online casinos have free play options that users can use to practice and get a better hang of slot games. You can test out different games with the best bonuses and payouts. When you feel like you’re ready to take on the real challenge, switch to the ‘real money’ option and play!

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