How Can I Make Money Online by Playing Poker?

Thousands of people have turned to online gaming and casinos since the start of COVID-19. Although online poker has been popular for a while, it has gained a lot of traction during the last 2 years. With people losing their jobs and having to deal with financial instability, many are now looking for different ways to make money online.

Making Money through Poker is a Long-Term Investment

Some individuals have been successful in making money through poker whereas others still view it as a risky venture. The truth of the matter is that venturing into any business can be risky and poker is no different. While the game requires a fair bit of luck to succeed in the short term, it is safe to say that it is a skill-based game in the long- term. If you study the rules well and practice consistently, you could make a living out of it.

It is important to keep in mind that earning money from poker is different from making a living through playing poker. 

The Appeal of Online Poker Games

Besides making money, people are encouraged to play because it provides intellectual stimulation and a competitive challenge to the players which they enjoy. 

As always, online games come with the added advantage of convenience which is always attractive to players.

Breaking it Down in Simple Terms

We have broken down how to make money through poker in four simple steps below

Step 1: Through research, find a credible online poker website. Create an account and make a deposit.

Step 2: Increase your balance by playing in good cash games or poker tournaments

Step 3: Study the rules of the game thoroughly to better your win rate and hourly rate.

Step 4: Carry on the previous steps a few times and then withdraw your money if you want to.

Once you withdraw your money, make sure to brush up on your knowledge consistently and keep playing! There are lots of online poker websites that offer great promotions and bonuses, make sure to use those. 

Sample GamePlay on Blackjack:

Gameplay Of Blackjack | Win Streaks | WON ₹70,000 – UWin | Online Poker Games

An Easy Trick to Gain the Edge Over Other Players

An important thing to remember is that playing against other recreational players is likely to give you a higher chance of winning. More than 90% of the money won by players is said to come from recreational players.

This is how you can identify them at the tables

  • Limping most of their hands preflop
  • Showing down many trash hands at showdown, such as T5o or J4o
  • Minbetting or min 3-betting regularly
  • Not folding their draws to big bets at all
  • Using an excessive amount of emoji’s, rabbit hunting or cursing their luck in the chat
  • Design
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