Amusing Facts About Roulette That You Didn’t Know

We recently wrote about roulette on MoneyBite where we discussed the origins of the game and why it is still a mass favourite despite being around 400 years old. In this article we want to go over some interesting facts about this classical casino game.

It is Commonly Known as the Devil’s Game

Roulette was first heard of in the 18th century in France and became the go-to game for those who equated having fun to taking big risks and receiving potential life-altering rewards. In French, the word roulette translates to “Little Wheel”, but the game is also commonly known as “The Devil’s Game” since the numbers on the game give a sum total of 666. There seems to be speculation about the interconnectedness of this game with specific religious communities.

Roulette Has Aged Like Fine Wine

Roulette has a complicated and uclear history. There have been different origins attributed to it, from being inspired by monks in China that played ancient board games to the spinning of a chariot’s wheel in Ancient Rome, the traditional game was surely enjoyed by many countries over the world. The classical game has moved to online casinos where it attracts millions of players every month. Although the online roulette was first established in the 1990s, various versions have now been created for players to enjoy on different gaming platforms.

The Odds Are (Almost) in Your Favour

Of all the games on offer at the average casino, roulette offers some of the best odds for players, particularly those with enough knowledge to make a wise bet. Bets categorized by red or black and even or odd create a particularly good chance of success at approximately 50% on either side, and winning bets are paid out accordingly. On the other hand, those who feel brave or lucky enough to roll the dice on a single number face far less favorable odds of 37 to 1. 

The Setting Is Surprisingly Expensive

In a regular casino, a roulette table may not look extraordinary, both the table and the ball were made from the ivory of elephant tusks in the past. At the present, materials like acetal and nylon are used commonly. 

There’s Room to Win Monstrous Rewards

While games like roulette repel the risk averse, those willing to play big can also win big. A winning colour choice at the roulette table will double your money, a promise which has worked out extraordinarily well for several heavyweight players over the years. Meanwhile, those with the knack for the game have been known to walk away with many multiples of their original fortune after betting on a single number. Philip Green, a billionaire, was able to bag two million pounds after betting thousands of dollars on one spin. While this might not be plausible for a beginner to achieve, there’s hope for everyone to earn big. 

We hope that you enjoyed learning about this fascinating game. With roulette, everything comes down to luck in the end but we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the thrilling experience. Start placing your bets today!

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