7 Step Guide to Getting Started with and Acing Affiliate Marketing

Our previous article discussed the Basics of Affiliate Marketing and what it really takes to make money off of it. If you haven’t read the article, we highly encourage you to do so before proceeding to read this one.

1.Pick your go-to Platform to Market your Product

Although there are no restrictions when it comes to picking platforms for affiliate marketing, most people have reported that they saw the best conversions and sales through either a Youtube channel or through running a blog. 

Our team’s advice would be to start with a blog if you’re on a small budget. Once your blog is up and running, make sure to optimize it for SEO so that your website can have a better ranking. You can then add affiliate links to your blog posts to get clicks.

On Youtube, optimize your videos for SEO and include affiliate links in your description.

2.Choose your Niche:

Narrow down your topic as much as you can, to see success. Blogging is a highly competitive industry and there are millions of bloggers out there competing for views and clicks.

how to find your niche in affiliate

For example, if you like gaming, then writing about just anything that falls under gaming will be too general. Instead, focus on cloud gaming or something more specific.

By maintaining a narrow theme in the beginning, you’re more likely to gather a focused and dedicated audience. You will also naturally be able to rank higher in search engine rankings.

Once you’ve built traffic and a good reputation, you can expand the range of topics on your blog.

If you’re writing your own content, it’s better to pick a topic you’re passionate about because it’ll allow you to be consistent. If you’re outsourcing the content, make sure to work with trusted experts in the industry.

3.Find the Right type of Affiliate Program to Join for Yourself:

The first type of program covers niche products and specific industries. Since the target market is quite narrow, the payouts on the products are very high. As a beginner, we do not recommend this type of program as it can be difficult to compete with other skilled marketers. Here we already discussed some popular affiliate programs in India.

The second type of affiliate program is our favorite and it is the high volume, low payout program. The products are usually easy to sell because they have a mass appeal. For example, selling PS4 games would fall under this category as they are adored by millions of people but the cost of the product is quite low. 

Amazon’s affiliate program is also trending right now and falls under the same category. It lets you earn up to 10% commission on Amazon’s products with ease. The thing to master for this type of program would be getting high traffic to your posts or website.

The last type of affiliate marketing program pays high commissions for products that appeal to a large number of people, a good example is credit cards. Again, this program attracts experts who use spammy tricks that can be difficult to compete with if you’re just starting.

We’ve run over the various options available out there but you ultimately have to decide what your goal with affiliate marketing is so you can pick the right fit for yourself.

If you’ve already got an audience or a following on social media with niche interests, go for the first type of program. If you’re looking to hit a large number of sales then pick the second program.

If there’s a product you love using with no affiliate program, reach out to the company personally and ask if you can work as an affiliate with them.

4.Nothing can Compensate for Having Dull Content so Prioritize Creating High Quality and Engaging Content:

As a marketer you’ve probably heard the phrase, “content is king”. This is very true because content and a good copy are key to selling any product. 

Instead of googling what products are trending and trying to sell them to people, make sure that the product is solving an important problem. Your affiliate links cannot always look promotional, they also have to fit into your content in a way that the consumer realizes that they have a NEED to buy the product.

5.Driving Traffic to your Website is Paramount to Seeing the Fruition of your Efforts:

After putting work into creating great content, you have to drive traffic to your website so that people buy your products. There are several ways to increase traffic to your website.

  • Paid Ads:
    Paid ads are a great way to get traffic to your website quickly but the downside is that the minute you stop running ads, you stop getting traffic. If you’re not starting on a budget, then relying on paid ads will not be feasible in the long run.
  • Social Media Posting:
    Create accounts on all major and popular social medias and start posting your affilliate links. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reddit, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Telegram etc.
  • SEO:
    SEO is all about optimizing your pages in a way that you rank higher on search engines. It’s a great strategy to use if you want to market your products for free.
  • Email marketing:
    If you’ve mastered creating good content, email marketing will be a piece of cake. All you have to do is get people to sign up to your email list by offering something of value in return.
    Once you have a great email list, you can keep your audience engaged by regularly sharing educational and promotional content. This is going to make sure that they keep coming back to your website and the conversions are soaring sky high.Mailchimp is one of the famous and easy to do mail engine. you can sent bulk email using mailchimp.

6.Get Clicks on your Affiliate Links:

Place the right amount of links in your content as too many will look spammy. Also, place them at the top rather than the bottom so people will be more likely to click.

7 Guide to Affiliate Marketing - .Get Clicks on your Affiliate Links
Optimize Affiliate Links to get more Clicks and Sales

Using callouts like buttons, tables, and boxes can help attract your readers’ attention and make the post more skimmable.

7.Convert Clicks to Sales:

To drive sales it is important to look for programs that convert well. Check out the 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites in India. You can use Google to research this and look for well-paying affiliate programs. Make a note of the average conversion rate of the product.

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